Monday, October 12, 2009

Writer's Workshop: Three Things

If you could only focus on three things in life and pursue them fully, leaving everything else, what would they be and why?

1. Being the best Mom (and role model) to my daughter.

Sounds so simple but let me fill you all in on something I've discovered. Being a parent is fricking hard! I mean, I knew it would be. But, wow. Every thing you say, do, etc is a walking advertisement for your little one. Even if you think they are too little or not going to notice something. They do. Always. It's like they know exactly what words they are not supposed to say. Berlyn is so funny; when I curse or say a not nice word, she will whisper it right after I do. Haha! I think she is testing me. And they always get into the worst things they possibly could. They find that jar of expensive body lotion or that bottle of hydrogen peroxide left out. Every. Single. Time.

All in all, I just want my baby to be happy. It's that simple. And, I want to know that I made my best effort in raising her, loving her and influencing her in all the right ways.

2. Helping others.

Now I finally know what my "true calling" is. Being a psychologist is my dream. And, the main motivation behind it for me (besides it being fascinating) is the prospect of helping others. Nothing gives me more joy & contentment than that. I've even begun looking into volunteering opportunities while I work on my degree. I am really excited about it! It's time to get some real fulfillment in my life...instead of focusing on my own selfish wants and being shallow. It's time to feed my soul.

3. Traveling the World.

Having been born and raised in Los Angeles, and being exposed to so many different cultures, ways of life, and ethnicities from an early age (lucky me!); I cannot, for the life of me, understand people that want to stay in ONE spot their entire lives. I cannot grasp that concept. The World is such a big, awesome place. How can you be content to sit on your keester and not get out there and do/see/experience things?!


Stephanie said...

Goodness, we have pretty much the same goals! Most likely I'll major in psychology. It comes so natural with me thanks to my mom too!
Of course my biggest goal is to be a great mom. I've been thinking so much lately about Paris and traveling and how I want to set a budget aside to do so.
Its really weird too because I have been thinking about doing some charity/voluteer work for some time. I just haven't found the charity/volunteering one yet. But that would be so great!
I think the hardest thing for me too is getting back into a healthy lifestyle of eating well and exercise. Its hard with lil ones. But I guess its all about time management and dedication:)
*Cheers to us as we embark on our dreams/goals*

purnells making memories said...

Good for you!!! Take life by the HORNS...reach to achieve your goals and let nothing hold you back!! You are powerful!!

SarahDee said...

Thanks sweethearts! I appreciate your comments SO MUCH :)
Steph, I have considered doing some volunteering with the Women's and Childrens you have something in Cali like that?
I love that we are ALWAYS so insync with each other; but it's no wonder we are best friends!

Kathy, I love your comments. Thank you for your support sweetie. Berlyn & I sure miss you!