Thursday, October 8, 2009


Last evening, I discovered Forever 21.
Never been but now, I fear, I may be a "lifer". Ugh. This is not looking good for Dave Ramsey. But, (Mom, if you are reading...) I plan on sticking to my BUDGET! Once in awhile, I may partake in some inexpensive retail therapy here.

Thanks a lot, Amanda! Lol.


Michelle Marie said...

Oh I LOVE F21! One of my fav places to shop when I'm in Seattle.

Stephanie said...

OMG I never knew you've never shopped there! Its one of my faves. I really like the online store as well. There is another shop in the Cerritos Mall of all places that is similar to Forever 21 also (they also have F21 too of course), but this place is better. Its more rock n roll, vintage style! Love it, love it! F21 is still high on my list!