Thursday, October 15, 2009

Too much?

The internet.

It's an amazing, wonderful thing. But, with the creation of MySpace, Facebook and blogging, sometimes you forget that you are broadcasting to the entire world. I know there are some out there that don't believe in sharing too much about one's personal life. Or thoughts and emotions. How much is deemed too much to share? It all depends on the person. I find, the ones who want to judge are the ones who are not comfortable with human emotion. Or, they want things to be all about them, not you. Thank goodness this is my blog, in which I can share whatever my silly little head desires. Right? Right!
So, with that, I feel no shame in expressing myself fully about whatever subject pops into my head at any given time. I'm a woman. I feel things, I love and hate things and I plan on sharing it all with you. Plus, that's just who "I" am, personally. I am comfortable with being open. It's one of my gifts. I'm also a Sagitarrius. I enjoy spontaniety and being impulsive. And I plan on being that way til the day that I die. I'm quite lucky :)

With all that being said, I now feel comfortable to share my latest news.

As of this week, I have lost my job. It's a very real problem out there right now. The economy is awful. And, it's hitting people where it hurts. I am soooooooo very fortunate that my life has taken a few turns recently that put me in a position where I am a) with my family, b) financially stable and c) have a clearer mind thanks to anti-depressants, doctor visits and good old fashioned life lessons. I've lost some friends recently, I've had to fall down a lot to get back up but I've actually learned a valuable lesson. Thank God for that.

So, I lost my job. This is a perfect example of things "happening for a reason". We might not always see why something has happened. Especially when it's painful. But, it's called faith. Faith in God, faith in the goodness of people and faith in that things will get better. They have to. And, I do believe they will. It's just a matter of time (and some hard work & determination.). On another note, I was already planning on going back to school in a few months to pursue my Psychology degree. See? Things do have a way of working themselves out sometimes.

Hope everyone enjoys their day! :)
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