Saturday, October 17, 2009

Today has been a good day. I woke up leisurely at 8am (hey, that's sleeping in for Moms!), then had 2 cups of hot coffee. I played with my daughter, we ran around outside. I watched half of "The Portriat of Dorian Gray" (and I really wish men looked like Old Hollywood actors more often...hmph!).
Then, my mom made some delicious "Russian Tea" (or, as she calls it "Red Hot Tea") - instant tea, Tang & red hot candies....YUMMY!

I then did something I have literally...never ever done.
I ironed clothes.
Lol! It was actually pretty fun. Wow, I'm becoming more and more of a Mother each day.

After a light lunch, I decided to get motivated! So, my Mom and I got on our jogging pants and our matching iPods, and ran (I walked, of course) 1 mile around our neighborhood. The weather right now is sublime. I love it. The colors all around could be out of a postcard; it's so beautiful in Boise.

My daughter is taking her afternoon nap, I plan on having another cup of Russian Tea and then we are off to the Pumpkin Patch! (Thanks Jayme for the info! :)

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Olive Owl said...

oh, sounds like a wonderful day! I want to go to a pumkin patch and the haunted cornfield maze! Such a great time of year!