Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Things Kids Say

My daughter. Wow, she is funny.

As we were driving home last evening, she peered up at the sun, squinting and laughing. I said, like a robot "Don't look at it directly; it will hurt your eyes!" Haha. How many times did we hear that growing up? It's totally involuntary to repeat things like that sometimes.
So, what did she do? She looked right at it and then turned to me, sobbing "It hurt my eyes Momma!"

She is OBSESSED with bugs. Oh lord, really? Flies especially. But, obsessed in the sense that she wants to hunt & kill them. Thank God. One of her favorite items to play with these days is a fly swatter. *shudder* It's disgusting, I know, but it brings her so much joy! She now says "Slap" everytime she gets one and then squeals with glee. The simple things (like killing) make her happy apparently.

And, as every parent probably feels...I hate having to spank her. But, I must sometimes. Trust me, she's got a 'tude like you would not believe.
It's hard to be upset with her though when she yells at me "No Momma, that's MY BUTT!!!"

Lol. You just have to laugh.

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Olive Owl said...

silly Berlynski!