Monday, October 26, 2009

Found this fun "mommy" quiz in my favorite magazine,"Cookie" :

1. Your proudest parenting moment:
More the feeling and realizing that my daughter is going to be a threat - in a good way :) I can't believe how smart she is, how extraordinary and imaginative she is. I cannot wait to see who she grows up to become. (Yes, I do realize every parent says these exact things...haha.)

2. Proudest moment of your career:
Since I was obviously not in the field of my true calling all these years, I'd have to say my proudest moment is going to be starting (and finishing) school! That way, I will actually be in a career I can feel proud (and passionate) about!

3. How you define "downtime"?
The 1-3 hour magical period that is Berlyn's naptime. It is something I cherish, lol!

4. Your guiltiest pleasure:
McDonalds french fries. And, E! reality shows.

5. Finish the sentence - "I can't believe I forgot to..."
Plan my future better. But, I think we are all a little guilty of that. Those hard bumps on the head are what create character - yes!

6. As a parent, I wish I were better at...
Patience. And, entertaining. I find that I am sorta boring to a 2 year old!

7. My parenting motto (in five words or less):
Let them be kids.

8. A typical Saturday morning involves:
Pretty much what I do every morning - watch cartoons with Berlyn, drink coffee and start my day.

9. My favorite moment of the day:
When Berlyn first wakes up...she is blurry-eyed and sweet and says "Good Morning Mommy!". Nothing better.

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Frankly Miss Go Lightly said...

Awe, thanks for sharing! Cute! Thanks for sharing doll ;) I just subscribed to Cookie, looking forward to receiving my first issue!