Monday, October 5, 2009


Right now, in my personal life, I am grappling with the idea and concept of "forgiveness".
I have long been one who forgives easily. Often. Probably, more than I should have. But, that is me.

When it comes to betrayal, it's really hard to know how to handle it. I have had it happen several times in my life. When someone close to you or prominent in your life decides (or doesn't decide, it just happens) to betray you, what do you do? Do you say something? Do you harbor bad feelings? Does it disrupt other parts of your life? Do you seek revenge? Do you ignore it? Tell me, people...what do you do?

I want to forgive. I really do. But sometimes I wonder if it's really for the best. For everyone. Or, maybe those events happened to lead to something else that needed to happen. So, you can go on with your life, in a different direction you may not have ventured in previously. It's all about "fate", I think. Some things are destined.

I do have to say, I got quite an unexpected surprise last evening. Sometimes you think you truly know someone. And, you don't.

They can end up surprising you in the most odd ways. Good ways. It's really very comforting to know that deep down, all humans are relatively good.


Terry said...

Just as it is sometimes easier to give than to receive, it is often easier to give forgiveness, than it is to accept unconditional forgiveness. Accepting the fact that you are worth forgiving is a concept I struggle with because of my childhood experiences. Sarah, allow yourself the gift of forgiveness, it is priceless.
Love you, girl!

Stephanie said...

I agree forgiving and forgeting is truely HARD. Especially, when you've been hurt, or it hurt the people you love. Forgiving is much more rejuvenating for YOURSELF than to harbor bad feelings forever! It takes too much energy and too much NEGATIVE TOLLS on you.
Forgive, but remember don't allow the same things to happen again. If it does, sometimes you just have to let go of people that are poisoning you.
What was the surprise!?

Olive Owl said...

yes, what was the surprise??? tell me too! :)

I think it's a good idea to forgive. You can always forgive and then let go... that means you may not welcome the person back into your life afterward, but you can let go of the anger and the person.