Wednesday, October 14, 2009

50 Things

Just for kicks & giggles, here are 50 random facts about myself and my life:

1. I have been getting GRAY HAIR since I was about 20. I usually just pluck them out with tweezers but you try having JET BLACK hair & little silver/white hairs pop up right on your hairline like a neon'll be a lifelong battle. Siiiiigh. Thank you Lord for Clairol.

2. I am deathly afraid of birds. Most people know this little tidbit about me already. Any bird, small or large....will make me whimper, cry or scream if it gets too close to me. And no, I am not a freak of nature.

3. I am incredibly OCD. I alphabetize all my cds/movies....I color code my closet so that it looks like a rainbow. I even line things up...pieces of paper, magazines on a table and situate items so that they are all facing the same way. Hey. I like things a certain way, ok?

4. I am notorious for saying "Eeeeeeew" when I am scared. For example, when I am watching a horror film and the monster/psycho killer appears on the screen, or makes a noise I don't like - I say "Eeeeew." It makes no sense, I know this.

5. Although I am now a mother myself...I still find it *hil-a-rious* when little kids say bad words or do things they shouldn't. Yes, this includes Berlyn. I laugh harder at her than any other kid.

6. I think I was a burlesque dancer in another life.

7. I have never once in my ENTIRE ADULT LIFE (since the age of 15 to be more precise..).....left my house without a full face of makeup. EVER. And I own more make-up than Rupaul and Tammy Faye Baker combined.

8. I have an *explosive* temper and very short fuse. It (usually) serves its purpose. For the most part though, it's dwindling.

9. Refer to #8 - I once kicked a hole in my bedroom wall (while wearing flipflops) because I was ticked (at my parents). To cover what I had done...I used a Sex Pistols poster I had....yes, VERY inconspicious.

10. I am loyal to a fault. No matter what someone has said or done; I will forgive them. *Update: This has finally changed. I no longer am okay with being a doormat to a boyfriend or "friend". I've learned my lessons.

11. I've been in therapy since I was 5 years old.

12. One year (2002) I moved 8 times. E-I-G-H-T. I am shocked that my family members (who helped me move) still speak to me.

13. I have had the same (amazing) best friend for 23 YEARS. She is the reason I believe in the word/concept SOULMATE.

14. I didn't learn to ride a 2 wheel bicycle til I was nearly 10. It was such an event, my entire neighborhood came out to watch, LOL!

15. Girls should not have more than 3 or 4 close girlfriends. Ever. It just isn't natural. Unless you want your life to resemble the script for "Mean Girls"...heed my advice.

16. The worst thing I have ever done, and will probably pay dearly for it one day - my neighbor & I, at age 9, went around our cul-de-sac (because we were bored) and "collected" donations for a ficticious can food drive for our "church". Really, the motive was to get FREE TOYS..but of course, all we got were canned green beans, water chestnuts & fruit cocktail. To rid ourselves of our newly acquired goods...we threw the bag of canned food over a neighbors fence, which hit his dog (ooops!) and then ran back into our side-by-side houses. Why we didn't just throw the stuff in the, oh I don't know...garbage, is way beyond me. He saw us running, and realized we had just tossed a bag of stuff into his backyard and came to MY house to tell our parents. Our punishment? We had to go door-to-door, return the cans and apologize for our fake church donation ring. If I never believed in karma, I do now.

17. If I could decorate my home in Halloween decor YEAR ROUND, I would.

18. I am obsessed with Marilyn Monroe almost to a point that it's scary. But 15 years ago? I said to my best friend "She is sooooo cliche and dull. I don't know WHAT the big deal about her is!" I've been eating my words ever since.

19. I am a die-hard White Zinfandel fan.

20. I've more or less grown out of my "goth phase" but my closet is still 99.9% black. And, so is my hair.

21. I have a weakness for men that wear make-up.

22. I used to choreograph dance routines with my best friend to Paula Abdul songs.

23. I really do talk way too much like a Valley, totally!

24. I sympathize with the bad guys in films or books. I used to get upset when vampires got killed. "Sympathy for the Devil"? Hmm....maybe.

25. I am a HUGE LIST PERSON. I make lists for everything under the sun. Including this one.

26. I experienced a loss of a loved one due to AIDS when I was 12 years old. It was a very traumatic event for me & I still have a hard time even having people mention AIDS around me....but, I am working on it.

27. I've wanted to be an actress, a writer, a drummer and a Psychologist. I still want to be 2 of those.

28. I was a teenage runaway. In Hollywood. Tell me again, why don't I have my own reality show? I don't know.

29. I get my feelings hurt WAY TOO EASILY. But, I don't apologize for being a softie.

30. I actually enjoy cigarette smoke.

31. I just don't "get" the whole fraternity/sorority thing. Sorry.

32. It is always bads news when I walk into Ross.

33. I have always, secretly, wanted to be a Playboy Playmate.

34. I still miss California every. single. day.

35. I adore weirdness. Weird people, weird art, weird concepts. I like to know there is a "balance" in life; that not everything is always one way. And acceptance is always a good thing!

36. I despise the snow so much so that I literally cry when it is in the forecast or I see a flake.

37. I've had THREE root canals.

38. BUT I've never broken a bone! *(knock on wood)*

39. I am incredibly superstitious: I say "knock on wood", I make a wish when I go over train tracks....and I believe in Friday the 13th - I got in an accident that totaled my car on a Friday the 13th. It's REAL!

40. I have yet to have ONE good relationship (man) in my entire life. Not one. That's sad. I've got the rest of my life though, right? I know he's out there.

41. Hands down, the hardest "job" in the world is being a Mother. Really.

42. (Hope this won't offend anyone) - I believe in God completely. And I talk to him all the time. But, I am anti-organized religion.

43. I get road rage.....baaaaaaad.

44. I am a total klutz. I trip over my own feet. And heels? I walk like a man in them because I'm afraid I will fall.

45. I am 100% a CAT lover......but there are a few dogs that I will warm up to. Very few. I got bit my a pit bull at age 6 - you try liking dogs after that!

46. I hated the color PINK up until after Berlyn was born. I was adament at my baby shower that I wanted NO pink, just purple...or even green. Now, I like it.

47. I plan on having my Honeymoon in New Orleans French, if I can find a man that agrees to that, he's the One!

48. Besides birds, COWS scare me to death! Ask my parents about THAT story.

49. My brother & I have never had ANY sibling rivalry. He's the best. And the woman he married? I would have hand picked her to be my sister in law out of a million people.

50. I love my daughter with all my heart. But, sometimes I believe I wasn't truly "ready" to be a Mom. I don't think anyone ever is.

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Frankly Miss Go Lightly said...

Thanks for sharing your randomness doll :) We have quite a few similarities! The temper, but mine too is dwindling which is great. I think Goobie has helped me become a calmer person! Thank God for our little angels! I too have buckets of make-up ( I was a make up artist, so go figure!) I'm totally with you on having jet black hair and those darn gray hairs! I learned to ride a bike when I was 10 too! I totally agree on the girl friend thing too, more than 3 for me is more than enough,and you always have that one best friend that no matter how much of a time lapse there is, you still connect! I've been friends with mine for 25 years! I think I talk way too much like a valley girl as well, like oh my gosh! LOL..anywho, thanks again for sharing doll!