Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where to Start?

Wooooooooooooo boy!
I needed to take a deep, loooooooooooong breath from everything. The past 9 (1/2) months have hit me with a force I couldn't reckon with. {The details? Well, normally I would share but it is the internet. And, I need a little privacy, someway, somehow! Haha.}
When all is said (and done), hindsight is crystal clear and everything eventually falls into place. I am there. Finally.
I have a new "lease on life" right at this moment. I am happy, I am calm and feeling good.

It sorta feels like I am completely starting over. I'm beyond grateful that I have another chance~ (more like my 250th, but who's counting?) Every day is a new chance, yep it sure is. Some people never get a new I'm enjoying the ones I do get!

Things that I never imagined would be part of my life are now things I am excited about, looking forward to & quite interested in: finding God, tackling my finances, going back to school, spending time alone (gasp!), being creative (again) and also, making amends with my family (mainly, my father). Trust me, there is a story, but...maybe some other time :)

And, no longer being so concerned with pleasing others or worried about what they think. It's EXHAUSTING, people! I refuse to do it anymore. If someone doesn't like me for me or like something I've done/said/thought/wore (haha)...well, they know where they can go.

Throw in some meditating, relaxing & chilling out and I am feeling pretty fab these days!

It's hard to change, but I believe the benefits will far outweigh the bad.

Counting blessings is how I get through. Count your blessings, seriously. The people in your life who geniunely love and care for you. Who inspire you, who support you. Who are rooting for you!
And count the other good things that you may have going for you. Focus on them!

Oh, and Facebook? You can kiss my arse :)


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