Wednesday, August 5, 2009

He's (really) just not into you...

About a year ago, I had a "relationship".

I was really, really, really crazy about this guy. Normally, I wouldn't have been. But there was something there. So, I pursued it.

We worked together. We went on about 5 dates. Every single one, was, wonderful.

Physical attraction? Check

Things to talk about? Check

Laughter? Check

Then, I started to notice the "signs". He never asked ME out, I did the asking. That's my personality, but still....

I also had a one year old baby. I could tell he was one of those guys. You know, the "I'm in my thirties, I'm successful but I am not ready for a commitment....of any kind." Peter Pan maybe? Probably.

I tore myself UP over this guy. Why? Other than I was just tired of being alone & rejected and never "good enough" I'm not entirely sure why now.

But, it was a "lesson". Sometimes, I just hate those. I know I grow so much & you learn so much & you know yourself better & you'll know it when "the right one comes along"..but, seriously. I've had my fill of "lessons."

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Anonymous said...

I know "he" is out there and I know you have been patient - just keep being patient.