Friday, July 24, 2009

::Photo Bug::

I have to admit. I've been trying lots of things in the last several months, that I would have shied away from in the past.

I listen to country music. Yeah, that one alone is pretty freaky.

I have begun to spend more time in my own company, after being quite social the past few years. I'm just feeling "creative" again & I find I seem to be much more prolific when I am less distracted.

I have been photographed my entire life. My mother is a woman who had to have been born with a camera glued to her hand. She has, for as long as I can remember, been snapping pics of me, my brother & family nearly every day. There's a difference between taking pics on a "special occasion"; it's another thing entirely when you take pics of everyday life. Much more fun, don't ya think? And I am quite happy she did. I have some wonderful memories I may not have had thanks to all her pics!

I've always had an interest in photography - quite naturally, since I am so visual & I was raised that way. But, I never thought I was "good enough".
Recently, I have begun to take pics on my own. Mostly, since I now have a daughter & I intend to carry on the tradition my Mother did. But, I also see "beauty" all around me, or something quirky & I want to capture it! I do not have a great camera, but, hey, I'm trying. Hopefully one day, I will have a spiffy, professional grade camera, but until then, I'm just enjoying being creative & "artsy" and liking it whether people "get it" or not.

These are some of my recent snapshots:

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