Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Weekend!

Hello, everyone!

Are you doing anything exciting or fun this weekend?

The first half of my week was super-busy, thanks to motherhood, work, friends stopping by (= several bottles of wine), money strain, and the extreme heatwave (99 nearly everyday!) we are having (thank goodness for AC!).

I'm now winding down and ready to RELAX! Some of my good friends are all at a friend's cabin, by the lake this weekend - I did not get to attend however. Major bummer :( Oh well, such is life.

On that note, I am determined to get some things done around here, mainly projects I keep beginning but never finishing (thanks, in part, to being a Sagiattrius....haha!).

The Agenda:
• Go to parents home, sun-tan & play with Berlyn in backyard
• clean my home
• send out thank you notes/cards to loved ones
• watch lots of dvds (which is a daily event)
• catch up on some rest ??? (doubt that will happen!)
• do some more blogging!

Future Plans:
•July: going to see Sonic Youth @ The Knitting Factory
•July: some of my California family will be here! Boise Zoo, Alive After 5, BBQ's and such will surely ensue!
•August: Western Idaho Fair is coming! I'm ready to go out & buy some cow(girl) boots! :)
•September: Possibly looking into registering for community college!


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