Thursday, June 4, 2009


I felt like I needed to "introduce" my baby girl to my readers (if I even have any! haha)...she is the BIGGEST part of my life.

When you imagine having a child of your own, you envision someone with gifts you never had, a perfect life with all of the knowledge in the world, and better opportunities than you were given. You hope they will be 100 times happier than you ever were. You hope that they will never ever have to hurt the way you may have or feel any sort of pain.
You also have some sort of idea of "who" they will be, personality-wise. But I'm here to tell ya - you don't.

Berlyn is no exception. She is fearless and independent. She is strong-willed. She is determined. Thank god, these are all qualities I am THRILLED that she has, instinctively and naturally/ I honestly do not worry about my little girl nearly as much as I think some parents do...I just know; she is TOUGH. She will never be bullied. But at the same time, she is sooooo sweet & affectionate. And beautiful. And sharp as a little tack and as fiesty as a little firecracker (are firecrackers fiesty? LOL)..I really was blessed. So, thank you God.

I must've done something right.

With that, I leave you with one of my favorite songs ever, by Lisa Marie Presley. She wrote this for her two children. Everytime I hear it, I cry. Especially now that I can actually, truly relate.

"So Lovely"~

You know I did something right.
Something that keeps me alive.
Oh you sweet little babies.
When you came you let me know.
I was finally happy.
You knew me before now didn't you.
God you're so lovely.
Did you come here to help me.
And I know you can't sleep well.
Unless I'm right there next to you.
Oh you take care of mommy too.
You're so quick to defend me aren't you.
God you're so lovely yes you are.
You came here to save me didn't you.
You came here to teach me.
And I'm gonna try to teach you.
Know you're everything to me.
Know you have to learn and try.
Please don't fear to lose me.
You know I have those same fears too.
God you're so lovely yeah you are.
You came here to save me didn't you.
You came here to teach me.
Ooh and I'm gonna try to teach you.
Little man and a lady.
So handsome and pretty.
Sometimes don't listen to your mamma no.
And don't do as I do.

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