Sunday, December 28, 2008


Hello Dolls!
Its about time I blog again....soooo many things are going through my mind these days.
I had the absolute pleasure of doing a photoshoot with one of my favorite friends, Jayme, back in November 2008. What resulted were a few wonderful/artsy photos I adore - shot in Boudoir style. Because of these...I ended up getting about 3+ offers from aquaintances..or others....who have expressed interest in doing full-fledged pin-up shoots with me!!!! Needless to say, that is like a DREAM COME TRUE. For someone like myself - art, visuals, photography, glamour, etc are some of the key things that drive me, excite me & inspire me! I am absolutely THRILLED that people would even THINK of me in those respects....but I am GOING WITH IT :)
Lately, everywhere I turn...I am inspired. Art, models, photos, music, words are all just showering my brain with ideas & excitement....partly since it's about to be the New Year, I think I am just READY for a change...and to unleash what i feel brewing inside myself and has been lying dormant for far too long! I don't believe that life "ends" or has to "change" once you become a mother, or a certain can BEGIN at ANY moment! :)
Here's to a wonderful New Year in 2009...and to all my loved ones - I LOVE YOU and let's GET HAPPY & INSPIRED!!!!! :)

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~*~ amanda ~*~ said...

Oh I am so happy to hear you excited like that. You go girl! Life will change for you the moment you seize it! It sounds like you have the motivation and the drive to make your life work for you!